Medical Mutual of Ohio is a well-established healthcare company with more than eight decades providing rehab health insurance of various types to individuals in the state. The company is also a big employer in Ohio and one of the largest to call downtown Cleveland home. If you’re a policyholder, it’s nice to know that your insurer has a stable history and respected name. But if you’re struggling with an addiction, you may specifically want to know whether they cover alcohol or drug addiction treatment.

If you have Medical Mutual insurance, part or all of your rehab treatment is most likely covered. Click here to verify your coverage now.

Does This Health Insurer Cover Drug and Mental Health Rehab?

If your plan came from the health insurance marketplace or through your employer, then yes, it includes addiction treatment benefits. This is because the Affordable Care Act required all health insurance policies provided via these channels to include behavioral health coverage — including coverage for residential treatment and recovery services.

How Much Addiction Treatment Does My Insurance Cover?

Each insurer does have the leeway to structure its policies in different ways, however. They have to follow some guidelines about what to include and can’t charge extra-large deductibles and copays on mental health services if they don’t also charge them on medical services. But how much addiction treatment your plan covers when your healthcare plan starts picking up coverage and whether your policy will pay for treatment at a specific program all depends.

It depends on your deductible and copay. A deductible is how much you must pay for services in a calendar year before your insurance starts making payments. Copay, or coinsurance, is how much of the costs you share with your insurance company once your deductible is covered.

Payment also depends on whether a provider is in-network or out of network with a healthcare company. Generally, services that come from an in-network provider typically cost you less as the insurer will pay at a higher percent.

Finally, insurance payment depends on whether you’ve met benefit maximums or your providers have complied with preauthorization or referral requirements. Benefit maximums refer to how much of one type of treatment your insurance will pay for each calendar year. Preauthorization is when the insurance company must approve potential services before they’re provided, and a referral requirement means the insurer wants to see the documentation that a physician or other provider recommended you seek treatment.

New Day Recovery Accepts Medical Mutual of Ohio

We’re experienced in filing claims and working with this healthcare company. We start by verifying your health coverage, which helps us understand the details of your policy, what requirements your insurance policy has for covering addiction treatment services and how much you might owe.

We provide you with all this information so you can make an educated decision about your treatment options. Call us today to find out more about treatment addiction options from New Day Recovery and to get the ball rolling on your insurance verification.

We know that many things can make it difficult to reach out for help with a drug or alcohol addiction, including fears about finances. But the costs of letting addiction rule your life are much higher than the potential costs of treatment, and there are so many options for payment arrangements or assistance. Contact us today to find out about them and to begin planning your journey to a sober, healthier life.