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Our Addiction Treatment: What clients Say

We value the addiction treatment experience our clients have had at New Day Recovery. Our compassionate and experience staff are here to guide our clients on their road to recovery. Rest assured, we make it our focus to ensure a positive experience through the addiction treatment program we provide at New Day Recovery. Read the positive experiences our clients have had on the road to their addiction recovery! The time is now, contact New Day Recovery today!

“As a whole New Day is a great program- from the actual building to the staff. I was treated well by all of the staff, and felt safe and welcomed for my whole stay.” -Stephen

“My counselor was great. She went above and beyond to make sure I was motivated and emotionally supported.” -Alex

“The counselors were knowledgeable,  informative and brutally honest!”     ~William

“My case worker went beyond for me and made me feel like a real person and honestly, the rest of the counseling staff did a great job of getting everyone involved.”


“The staff was extremely helpful in meeting my needs and concerns.”             ~Jennifer

“The food was great. I loved it!”               ~Michael

The rooms were amazing.              ~James

“I loved the groups! My group counselor was real, brought it all to the table and made it interesting.”          ~Isabella

“The staff always seemed to have my best interest at heart.”          ~John

“The food was amazing and the staff was always positive.”               ~Erin

“Staff was super helpful and I learned a lot. I wish I had a group counselor like that 20 years ago!”            ~Robert

“The staff was wonderful and I really related to my counselor. Thank you for caring.”

“I loved everything and everybody!”

“The medical staff was knowledgeable and caring, group counselors were informed and have a lot of experience, and I felt very comfortable and even a little spoiled here.”

“It was an amazing facility with great staff.”

“The food was always awesome. I was never hungry.”

“Honestly, I would recommend New Day to anyone that is considering detox. I felt really safe and comfortable considering what I was going through. I will truly miss all the staff and the food! Thank you to all the staff for a great detox.”

“All of the nursing and night staff was amazing. It really makes us feel good to have our names remembered and a “how are you?” They really went above and beyond and I had a great experience.”

“This was the first facility that all the staff was non-judgmental and very caring. Everyone here made me very comfortable. Thank you very much.”

“I just want to thank everyone here so much! This is the best place I’ve been to and I can’t express how thankful and grateful I am for everyone here.”

“I had an excellent experience here and am extremely grateful for the help.”

“This was my first experience in a detox facility and I had the greatest experience ever. Everyone was nice and the other clients were very welcoming. I am happy I came here.”

“I didn’t think I was going to feel the way I do now. This place over the last week actually changed the course of my life in more ways than I thought possible.”

“Staff was all amazing and did more than any other treatment facility has ever done for me. 5 out of 5 stars hands down.”

“I would recommend New Day to everyone. I had a pleasant stay and got the therapy I needed. A++ treatment and facility. Thank you for this great experience.”

“Best detox, very friendly people.”

“I know I was detoxing but I was so comfortable I didn’t really notice I was sick, and that was a blessing. Plus I had the best counselor ever. I’m thankful for the entire staff at New Day Recovery, I’d send anyone looking for help to this facility because it helped me so much.”

“Thank you for the love, support, guidance, and suggestions that were given. I am extremely grateful to everyone for this 7 day detox.”

“Facility was beautiful and very clean. Also the food was fabulous and we were all given generous portions of whatever was needed.”

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