Whether you’re dealing with an addiction to heroin or Vicodin, the struggle to break free from opioid substance abuse is very real. These substances can be highly addictive, with withdrawal symptoms, cravings and psychological factors driving people back to the drugs repeatedly — even when they have an honest desire to seek sobriety.

Professional opioid rehab in a residential recovery program is one of the best ways to break out of this cycle of addiction and drug use, and New Day Recovery offers these options in multiple locations throughout Ohio. Call us today to find out more about our services, or read on to discover more about opioid treatment programs.

What to Expect from Residential Opiate Rehab

At New Day Recovery, we provide holistic addiction rehab for those who are struggling with opiate abuse. In many cases, that starts with medically assisted detox, which is designed to help you get through the first few days or weeks of withdrawal symptoms in a manner that is as safe and comfortable as possible. Support from clinical staff 24 hours a day helps ensure some of the more worrisome or painful withdrawal symptoms are kept at bay so you can begin to concentrate on therapy and other aspects of recovery.

Our abstinence-based treatment programs include a variety of methodologies to help you learn more about the cycle of addiction, identify root causes and triggers for drug use and develop healthy coping mechanisms to support your long-term recovery. Caring counselors work with you to create an individual treatment plan that works for you.

New Day Recovery can provide treatment for a range of opioid and opiate addictions, including:

  • Heroin
  • Fentanyl
  • Oxycontin
  • Morphine
  • Vicodin

How Long Does Opioid Rehab Take?

No easy formula exists for how long rehab takes. That’s because everyone’s cycle of addiction — and the story of how they got there and what drives them back to certain drugs — is unique. That means your recovery will also be unique, including its timeline.

In many cases, residential recovery takes at least 4 weeks, and may require 3 to 12 months. There are also outpatient program options for continued rehab, which allows individuals to step down from residential rehab into programs that meet daily or several times a week.

At New Day Recovery, we work with you to create a treatment plan that answers your personal need for services while balancing your other needs and obligations. Call us today at 330-953-3300 to find out about our addiction treatment options and how you can take the first step toward opiate rehab and recovery.

Options may include:

  • 12-step facilitation

  • Individual and group therapy

  • Family counseling

  • Case management

  • Off-site activities (such as movies and picnics)

  • Daily indoor and outdoor recreational activities

When working with counselors and other staff to plan your treatment, factors that might be considered include:

  • What types of drugs you are using

  • How often and how much of the substance you need to get high or stave off withdrawals

  • Whether you have co-existing diagnoses, such as a mental health disorder or addiction to a second substance

  • Your personal commitment to getting sober

  • What contributing lifestyle, health or other factors you may be dealing with

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