Addiction is never just a bad habit that got out of control; it’s a disease process that impacts the way the brain and body respond to internal and external stimuli. But it’s not always enough to target the condition itself with laser-focused therapy and recovery methods, because for many, addiction is also a symptom or sign of other things. That can include social, relationship or family struggles; mental health issues; or even physical health issues. Likewise, these things can also be caused by addiction.

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All this makes a holistic approach to addiction treatment and recovery critical for long-term success. New Day Recovery promotes holistic recovery through many of our rehab program activities and treatment methods. If you’re struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol and all that comes with that, contact us today to find out more about how we treat the entire person. 

If you have insurance, part or all of your treatment is most likely covered. Follow the link to use your policy to pay for rehab.

What Is Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

At New Day Recovery, we operate from the knowledge that addiction doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It has roots in — and an impact on — various elements throughout your life. Because of that, our treatment program takes a comprehensive approach to treating addiction that includes education, therapy and activities that help you learn to take care of your entire body, approach various life tasks within a sober framework and employ healthy coping mechanisms to break addiction cycles and set yourself free.

Some of the ways our treatment center embraces a holistic approach to alcohol and drug rehab include:

  • All-natural meal plans. Our staff works with you to improve overall physical health through diet and address nutritional deficiencies that may have developed as a result of drug or alcohol use and the accompanying lifestyle. By taking care of your physical body, you better prepare yourself to face all of life’s challenges, including recovery.

  • Meditation sessions. Taking time to center yourself and discover methods that let you practice mindfulness and calm is one way to work on developing healthy coping mechanisms. The freedom to participate in meditation sessions or work on meditation exercises on your own during your time at New Day Recovery lets you better prepare your mind for dealing with issues in the future.

  • Yoga and physical activity. Our teams provide group-led physical activity and yoga sessions so you can work on strengthening your body. Exercise helps improve your overall health, but it’s also another healthy coping mechanism that helps you deal with emotions, stress and other issues without turning to drugs or alcohol.

  • Complimentary massages. Professional massage therapists help you address pain points or work out the kinks in your stress through massage, if desired.

  • Art and music therapy. We offer outside-of-the-box therapies that engage your mind and soul, helping you find a new appreciation for life and many of the beautiful things within it. Art and music therapy can help you work out issues in creative ways and better uncover root causes for addiction. They also offer healthy outlets for considering and expressing your emotions

All Within a Professional Holistic Alcohol and Drug Treatment Environment

All of these amenities and holistic treatment options are combined with best practices for residential recovery for drug or alcohol addiction. Our team of licensed professionals works with you to create a treatment plan that resonates with you and helps ensure success with your recovery goals. Our clinical and therapy staff provide constant support and structure — without smothering you or making you feel like you’re dealing with babysitters.

In addition to recreational and holistic activities, such as those described above, you’ll participate in individual and group therapy to learn more about the addiction cycle, better understand your own addiction, uncover root causes for substance abuse and begin developing coping mechanisms to protect your sobriety in the future. We also offer other treatment options, including family therapy and education about fitness, nutrition, career and other areas of life, that can have an impact on your recovery program

Contact Us Today to Learn More

We know that reaching out for help with addiction and the recovery process can be as difficult and frightening as dealing with the symptoms and consequences of substance abuse itself. You may not know what to expect from residential rehab centers, and that can make it even harder to make that first call or talk to someone about your addiction.

When you call our treatment facility, you can expect to speak with a caring, experienced counselor. He or she will listen without judgment and provide some options you can consider in seeking assistance in dealing with addiction recovery. And if you choose us, you’ll experience warm, professional support and a comfortable residential treatment living environment designed to promote holistic health as you work through rehab and recovery. Contact us today to find out more. 

New Day Recovery provides effective holistic drug rehab services to residents in the local areas of Mahoning County, Columbiana County, Trumbull County and the following cities of Boardman, Canfield, Struthers, Hubbard, Girard, Warren, Alliance, Salem, Columbiana, and Youngstown.

Some of the amenities available at New Day Recovery locations that help support an active, holistic approach to rehab and recovery include:

  • A half-court basketball court so you can organize pick-up games during free time

  • A fire pit and outdoor recreational space for those who want to gather for conversation or enjoy outdoor quiet time after sunset

  • A weight room and athletic conditional area, so you can stay strong or begin building new muscles to help you succeed with physical health during recovery

  • A meditative outdoor space, so you can break away from everything to seek self, a higher power or just get your thoughts in order at your own pace