How We Meet Co-Occuring Mental Health Disorders Needs in our Residential Recovery Program

Finding the right recovery program is important because addiction is not a simple, one-size-fits-all condition. Every person ends up in the cycle through circumstances unique to them, and your road to recovery — while often spurred on by best practices in treatment and therapy — is also unique to you. One thing many people must consider is whether they are dealing with multiple issues that can impact their recovery needs.

If you’re not sure what type of inpatient rehab program might be right for you or whether New Day Recovery is the right choice, call us anyway. Caring counselors are always available to take your call and help you understand whether New Day Recovery is the right choice, and if it isn’t, they can offer referrals to programs that are more appropriate for your needs.

If you have insurance, part or all of your treatment is most likely covered. Follow the link to use your policy to pay for rehab.

What Is Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Treatment in a Rehab Facility?

Dual diagnosis treatment occurs when professionals treat more than one diagnosis at the same time. When talking about co-occurring disorders in rehab, we’re usually speaking about either two types of addictions or addiction and mental health diagnosis.

The latter is fairly common for multiple reasons — first because substance abuse can be a symptom or result of struggling with mental health issues. Individuals may turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to self-medicate when they feel anxious or depressed, for example, and continued use of substances in this manner can lead quickly to an addiction cycle.

Second, mental health problems can arise secondary to substance abuse. Someone who is dealing with alcoholism, for example, may also deal with depression as they struggle with the guilt and other emotions that are frequently experienced during the addiction cycle.

However multiple diagnoses are related to each other, treatment of co-occurring disorders within a treatment environment takes all those factors into account.

Does New Day Recovery Offer Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment?

New Day Recovery is not a dual diagnosis treatment center in Ohio in that we don’t typically work with individuals who have a new diagnosis. We aren’t equipped with the right resources to help someone get a new mental health diagnosis under control while also dealing with rehab and substance abuse treatment.

We can, however, offer referrals to high-quality programs that do offer these options. We assess every person on an individual basis when they call us for help with addiction, and that includes understanding what other issues you may be dealing with and whether our program is right for you.

At New Day Recovery, we do often work with individuals who are struggling with addiction and have mental health problems. If someone is already actively taking prescribed medication, following up with mental health appointments and working with providers to manage their mental health issues, we are able to accept them into our program for the treatment of substance abuse disorders. Our experienced staff and flexible programs allow us to accommodate and offer treatment for many co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders within these parameters.

Is Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Right for Your Needs?

We know that figuring out which rehab might be right for you can seem like a daunting process, which is why our admissions counselors are standing by to answer your phone calls, emails or online contact forms. Taking the first step and reaching out to someone for help is enormous, and we don’t want that step overshadowed or blocked by a fear that the facility you’re contacting isn’t able to help you.

Our staff will always listen to your story and needs, and we work with you to ensure you can find the professional help you need to make the next big step on your journey to sobriety. First, we talk to you and consider your needs and goals when it comes to recovery. Then, we make some recommendations about possible next steps for your journey. Often we can work with you to integrate you into our own facility and holistic approach to wellness. But if we feel that your co-occurring diagnoses need a different level or type of treatment, we’re honest about that and refer you to organizations that offer that type of assistance.

Treatment Overview:

  • Concentrates on both issues via appropriate medication, therapy and clinical interventions

  • Helps you understand how one diagnosis can impact the other and vice versa

  • Promotes development of healthy coping mechanisms that help you deal with issues relevant to both diagnoses

  • Moves you through rehab in a way that addresses root causes, relationships between issues and both addiction and mental health, so you’re prepared with the right tools to deal with both issues in long-term recovery

Reach Out Today for Help Understanding Your Options

Don’t let confusion over a dual diagnosis or fears about rehab stop you from reaching out. Our friendly, professional staff are always available to answer your questions and help you find out more about your options. Whether you reach out via our contact form online, email us or make a phone call to one of our New Day Recovery locations, that contact is completely confidential and you’ll connect with a caring counselor who will listen without judgment and provide information about what you can do next.

No matter where you are in the addiction cycle — or what type of mitigating factors might have had a hand in getting you there-there are options for help. Contact us today to find out more. New Day Recovery provides addiction treatment services to all residents in the state of Ohio and the following large cities of Akron, Boardman, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and Toledo.