Seeking heroin addiction treatment via experienced, caring professionals can be a critical step in anyone’s road to recovery. Heroin is a highly addictive drug with withdrawal symptoms that hit you hard and fast when you stop using, making it seem impossible to get clean on your own. But if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people in America struggling with addiction, help is available, and you don’t have to face this fight alone.

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Learn More About Our Heroin Treatment Options

You’ll find many options for treatment, but the best start tends to come from residential inpatient treatment. That’s due in part to the nature of heroin as a drug and also because of how addiction works.

When you take the drug, it causes changes in your brain and body. This is one reason it’s so easy to become addicted, even after trying it once or twice recreationally. It’s also why someone who is caught in the cycle of addiction might take extreme action to seek their next high — the withdrawal symptoms and physical need usually push them to it.

Treatment often begins with medically assisted detox for this reason. During the first few days or weeks of your treatment program, you work with medical staff who manage medications and other methods of keeping you comfortable as your body detoxes. With this type of backup, you’re able to face rehab without the fears associated with withdrawals; it’s actually a much safer way to quit than stopping cold turkey.

But best practices don’t stop there. Another reason treatment is a well-proven option for addiction treatment is that it offers you the chance to seek comprehensive healing. You step away from the lifestyle and situations that drove you to heroin or fostered your addiction, and you have time to work with caring professionals in group and individual settings to understand the root causes and triggers for your drug use.

When you seek rehab in Ohio at New Day Recovery, you also benefit from recreational therapy, education about nutrition and exercise and other methods that help increase your confidence, let you explore your emotions and thoughts and provide safe outlets for practicing healthier coping mechanisms. All of these benefits help increase your success at long-term recovery.

Why Does Addiction Treatment Often Include Medication?

Some people are surprised to hear that drugs are often a component of the treatment meant to get you off drugs. This is actually very common with addiction, and here’s why: Some medications can help reduce your cravings, manage your withdrawal symptoms or make it harder to abuse in the future.

During treatment, you’ll work with therapists and a team of doctors and nurses to develop a cohesive plan to address your individual rehab and needs. Sometimes, especially during the medically assisted detox phase, that includes medication.

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The reason you tried heroin in the first place and what keeps driving you back to it is a personal matter — it’s unique to you. Which is why treatment should be customized and individual. At New Day Recovery, we work with you to develop an addiction treatment plan that meets your needs, and we’re here to support you from day one. When you’re ready to step out of our program and onto the next leg of your recovery journey, we help you formulate a plan for that too.

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New Day Recovery provides effective heroin rehab services to residents in the local areas of Mahoning County, Columbiana County, Trumbull County and the following cities of Boardman, Canfield, Struthers, Hubbard, Girard, Warren, Alliance, Salem, Columbiana, and Youngstown.

Some common medications prescribed during a detoxification program or rehab include:

  • Buprenorphine, which reduces withdrawal symptoms and cravings and can also help reduce pain. This drug is best used in a supervised environment because it’s dangerous to take heroin and buprenorphine at the same time. Outpatient treatments leave individuals more options for giving in to cravings and abusing drugs.

  • Methadone provides some of the same benefits of buprenorphine, but it can also be addictive, making it important that medical staff manage its administration closely. New Day Recovery does not use methadone as a treatment medication for its clients.

  • Naltrexone is often used in outpatient treatments because it simply nullifies the impact of the drug. Someone taking naltrexone would have less reason to seek out heroin because they wouldn’t experience the euphoric high.

  • Suboxone is a formulation of both naltrexone and buprenorphine, so it blocks the impact while also staving off withdrawal symptoms.

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