Whether you’re stepping out of residential inpatient treatment for the first time or want to try an outpatient program (OP) as the beginning step in your recovery process, On Demand Counseling offers options that may be ideal for your needs. With locations in Austintown and Columbiana County Ohio, On Demand Counseling provides a range of services for individuals who are struggling with addiction. That includes both intensive outpatient drug rehab and medically assisted treatment.

Outpatient Rehabilitation is the First Step in Recovery

At New Day Recovery, we believe in the power of residential treatment services. It lets you step away from the current situation that is your life so you can work specifically on recovery, delve into the causes of your drug or alcohol abuse and begin to learn about and practice healthier coping mechanisms. But we also know that rehab and recovery are intensely personal journeys, and what works for one person isn’t always right for another.

That’s why intensive outpatient rehabilitation is offered as both a step-down opportunity and the first step in recovery. If an inpatient program won’t work for you or you’ve worked with a treatment provider or counselor to make a decision that outpatient care options are the best step for you at this time, On Demand Counseling’s intensive outpatient treatment might be an ideal choice.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) is the Second Step in Recovery

In many cases, moving into an intensive outpatient program is the next step to take after inpatient therapy. Benefits include:

  • The ability to begin stepping slowly back into your daily life while maintaining a constant connection with therapy, treatment and support
  • Options for continuing the management of medically assisted treatment
  • Group and individual therapy, as well as other methods of treatment, at a pace and schedule that allow you to begin integrating into careers, school or other obligations
  • The opportunity to work closely with professionals to manage the needs of your case and plan for future aftercare

What to Expect 

The IOP program is customized to meet your needs, so you’ll first work with treatment staff to make those choices. You can attend the program two or three days each week, and each session lasts three hours, making it easy to schedule around your life. Plus, On Demand Counseling offers these programs during day and evening hours for additional flexibility.

Relapse Prevention Counseling Services

Whether you’re looking for an IOP program or just need follow-up care after stepping down from higher levels of treatment, On Demand Counseling has flexible options to meet your needs. Here are some options you can engage with.

  • Outpatient Group Counseling. Often used as the next step after IOP, outpatient group counseling might also be an option for those looking for a support system as they move from inpatient rehab to regular life. Benefits of these groups include assistance and support in maintaining sobriety and a somewhat structured system that you feel like you belong to and can lean on as you transition to the next level of recovery.
  • Individual Counseling. When you need a safe space to continue working on your sober skills or working through other issues that threaten your recovery, individual counseling can be a good option. You meet with your counselor weekly, every two weeks or once a month via a schedule that works for you. Discussion topics are also highly personalized and might range from marriage or parenting to career challenges or depression. Individual counseling lets you delve more deeply into your own challenges and needs than group sessions allow.
  • Mental Health Counseling. Through the course of your rehab, you may discover that mental health issues play a role in your addiction. Counseling that concentrates specifically on behavioral health needs is available to help you develop more knowledge about these issues and work on coping skills to combat them.

What Is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

One of the options provided by On Demand Counseling is medication-assisted treatment (or MAT), which can be especially helpful for those dealing with an opiate or alcohol addiction. This option adds FDA-approved medication to other substance abuse treatments, including group and individual counseling. MAT is an option for individuals who are leaving medically assisted inpatient detox programs and need to continue to receive support via outpatient channels. It’s also an option for those who start with outpatient addiction treatment.

Why use drugs to help you recover from drug use? The medications managed by On Demand Counseling through this MAT treatment option include Vivitrol, Naloxone and Buprenorphine. These are all medicines that reduce the cravings associated with your addiction, make it harder for you to abuse alcohol or opiates or both (and easier to say no to them).

Some of the medicines actively block the effect of substances on receptors in your brain. This means if you take opiates, including certain types of prescription painkillers or heroin, you won’t experience the euphoric high they are known for. In some cases, the drug may also cause you to experience withdrawal symptoms if you abuse alcohol or opiates while you’re taking it, which can deter many people from doing so.

These medications may sound like ideal options for anyone who is trying to quit alcohol or heroin, but they work best when managed within a structured level of care treatment program. Simply dampening your physical cravings with medicine doesn’t attend to emotional and psychological issues that might be part of your addiction or caused by it, and it’s important to seek holistic care to support a successful long-term recovery. That’s why many of these medications must be prescribed and administered through inpatient or outpatient recovery programs to make positive outcomes more likely.

Reach Out Now for Addiction Treatment in Ohio

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