CareSource is a company that provides a wide range of Ohio health insurance plans, including plans through the marketplace as well as managed plans for Medicaid and Medicare recipients. They provide coverage for addiction treatment services and encourage people who are struggling with substance abuse and alcohol addiction to reach out for help.

But even if your health plan provides coverage, it can be difficult to understand what treatments are covered and how much healthcare insurance will pay.

If you have Caresource insurance, part or all of your drug rehab treatment is most likely covered. Verify your insurance coverage now.

Does Your CareSource Plan Cover Addiction Treatment?

They offer different plans, so you have to check your benefits or get a provider to verify your insurance to understand exactly what might be covered. Here are just a few factors that may impact whether they cover addiction treatment.

  • The rehab facility or provider. Some insurance providers work on the basis of whether a healthcare provider is in or out of network with them. If you use the services of an out-of-network provider, the insurer picks up a smaller percentage of the costs than if you use an in-network provider.
  • Your deductible. This is the amount you have to pay each year for covered health care expenses before your insurance provider starts picking up the tab. Each policy has its own details, and some policies cover certain costs even before you hit your deductible.
  • Coinsurance, or copay. This is the portion of charges that you’re responsible for after your insurer processes payments. For example, if you have a 20% coinsurance for inpatient services and your inpatient treatment charges are $10,000, your portion would be $2,000.
  • Preauth and referral requirements. Some companies require that you get a referral for certain services from a primary care provider or therapist or that your addiction treatment provider get an authorization for services before providing them. Not jumping through these hoops can mean claims are denied.
  • The facility must take your insurance policy. Not all facilities accept all healthcare plans. When you’re looking for treatment options in Ohio, make sure that it accepts your healthcare plan. New Day Recovery does accept CareSource health insurance.

How Do I Know if My Insurance Coverage Pays For Drug Rehab?

The best way to know whether your healthcare policy will cover rehab programs for addiction is to have a verification done. The admissions staff at New Day Recovery can help you with this. We provide a confidential assessment during which you can express your concerns and learn about your options for substance abuse treatment. The team also verifies your insurance coverage so you know whether your drug treatment will be covered and can better understand the costs. Then, we work with you to schedule your admission into our treatment program or refer you to a treatment facility that better meets your needs if necessary.

Call Our Ohio Treatment Center Today for Help

Don’t let worries about finances stop you from seeking help with your addiction. CareSource does cover programs like drug addiction treatment and alcohol rehab, and the caring staff at our Ohio rehab center can help you understand what your insurance coverage will pay for the health services you might need. Reach out to our treatment specialists today through our contact form or our (330) 953-3300 phone number to learn more about your health insurance options and begin your path to recovery.