Choosing to go to rehabBeginning a drug or alcohol treatment program is a huge step and one that takes courage to make. Addiction is an all-consuming disease that clouds judgment and leaves the sufferer stuck in a loop of using and regretting. If you and your loved ones have realized that rehab is the best option for you, you’re likely anxious to get started. Delays to starting treatment can lead to the person getting cold feet or backing out. Many centers admit clients as soon as they’ve been assessed. Read on to discover how same-day rehab works.

Who Is Likely to Be Admitted to Same-Day Rehab?

Whether you’re admitted on the same day you decide to seek treatment depends on the required criteria of the given facility and if they have available space.  Many facilities may take the following information into consideration when accepting same-day admissions: 

  • If the individual has recently suffered from an overdose.
  • When someone is presenting signs of mental illness brought on by drug use, such as psychosis, they will usually need to be admitted on the day they seek help.
  • Intake counselors are likely to admit someone who has a history of chronic drug abuse and seeks treatment in a moment of clarity, to avoid them changing their mind.
  • If family members have staged an intervention and talked someone into attending rehab, they may push for immediate treatment for their loved one.

For information on New Day Recovery’s specific medical requirements for admission, please contact our support staff.

Getting Ready for Treatment

To be admitted to rehab as quickly as possible, you’ll need to get prepared. There are steps you can take to speed up the process.

Find a Suitable Facility

You’ll need to do some research to find out which type of treatment is going to be best for you. For instance, find out whether you require medically monitored detox and decide if you’d prefer to be in a single-gender rehab facility and whether you’ll seek inpatient or outpatient treatment.

Make the Necessary Preparations

If you’re going to go to residential rehab, there will be plenty of preparations to make. Let your friends and family know what your plans are, make childcare arrangements if necessary and get your finances in order.

Get the Relevant Information Together

You’ll need to have specific details regarding your medical history, drug and alcohol use and other critical information on hand — and be open to discussing it. Specifically, you’ll need:

  • Identification and personal details
  • Medical history, including mental health history, and the name of your primary care physician
  • Details of your insurance or other methods of payment
  • Information about your emergency contact

The Admissions Process

When you’re accepted to rehab, there are three stages in the admissions process. First, an addiction specialist will evaluate you. Next, you’ll have a dialogue with the intake team about the type of treatment that’s most suited to your needs. Finally, you’ll begin the detoxification process or enter rehab if detox isn’t deemed necessary.

To find out more about the same-day admissions process at New Day Recovery or to inquire about our treatment program, call us at 330-886-4744 today.