Employee Worried About What Could HappenAt New Day Recovery, we know a lot of fears and factors can keep people from seeking treatment for their addictions. One common worry many people face is that they may lose their jobs or ruin their careers if they seek help for an addiction.

Check out some of the real truths about jobs, addiction and recovery below, and then contact New Day Recovery to find out what the potential next best steps are for your own rehab.

Can Your Employer Fire You for Getting Addiction Treatment?

If you are covered by the federal Family Medical Leave Act, your employer cannot legally fire you for seeking necessary health treatment, including treatment for behavioral health or addiction issues. You’re usually covered by this law if your employer hires more than 50 people and you’ve worked at the company for more than 12 months.

Under FMLA, your employer must grant you leave for up to 12 weeks to seek necessary care. They must also protect your job status, keeping an equal position open for you to return to.

Will Going to Rehab Ruin Your Career?

Even if FMLA isn’t in play for your situation, going to rehab is often a better decision for your career than not going and continuing with drug or alcohol use.

Rehab is a short time away from your life to work on you. It allows you the time to come to grips with your addiction and learn how to manage this chronic issue long term so you can lead a clean and healthier life.

If instead, you continue to try to fight drugs or alcohol on your own, you could end up using again or using even more. That might mean you don’t live up to obligations at work, put business deals at risk or even put yourself or other employees in danger. That’s not an outcome that’s good for you or your employer.

Many employers offer assistance programs specifically for this reason. Assistance options might include a free consultation with a counselor or referrals to facilities that can offer treatment. Check your employee benefits package for information about any Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that might be available, or ask about options confidentially in human resources.

Reach Out for Help Today

The hard truth about addiction and your career is that if you don’t get help and find a way into long-term recovery, your job is likely going to suffer. And your employer can fire you if they find you using substances on the job or if you fail a random drug test.

Instead of putting your future on the line because you’re worried that seeking help may hurt your career, reach out to the caring staff at New Day Recovery today. Call us or complete the online form and someone will get back to you ASAP. No matter how you reach out, we hold all your information confidential, and we can help you understand what your options are for treatment and how you can work to better your future and protect your career and relationships via recovery.