insurance options for rehab

Making the decision to seek professional help in overcoming an addiction can be life-altering, but we also know that it can be scary. Stepping into the unknown sounds risky to anyone, even when someone is stepping out of an addiction that they know may be causing issues in their life. Questions that are common when someone first begins to consider rehab or treatment include whether they will still be themselves after they get sober, what is actually involved in rehab and how they’ll pay for treatment.

At New Day Recovery, we’re here to answer your questions so you can make a proactive and educated decision about drug or alcohol recovery for you or your loved one. And that includes answering questions about the financial aspect of treatment and whether we accept your insurance plan.

Does Health Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

Full-coverage health insurance plans today do typically cover addiction treatment. The Affordable Care Act actually mandates that coverage for behavioral health needs, including addiction treatment, be included on any plan that is offered via employer-sponsored methods or federal and state marketplaces. That means whether you get your insurance through work or on the marketplace during open enrollment, you have access to some type of coverage for rehab and recovery treatment. The same is true for individuals who are covered by either Medicaid or Medicare plans.

In fact, insurance companies aren’t just required to provide benefits for these types of treatments. When an insurance company does provide mental health and addiction benefits, they have to provide them in somewhat equal fashion to the other medical benefits included in a policy. This protection of mental health benefits comes from federal parity laws. Those laws, which actually predate the ACA, prohibit insurance companies from associating high deductibles and copays with mental health benefits when they aren’t associated with medical benefits on the same policy. In short, the deductibles and copays have to be mostly in line with what they are related to medical benefits.

What Insurances Do You Take?

At New Day Recovery, we’re proud to work with and accept a variety of insurance policies. We accept Ohio Medicaid and several commercial (or private) insurance plans. We also work with individuals who want to self-pay their rehab treatment to make financial arrangements that work for everyone.

How Do I Know If My Insurance Will Pay for Treatment?

To find out if your insurance company will cover treatment for rehab at New Day Recovery, an insurance verification is typically necessary. An insurance verification involves a call by the provider to your insurance company.

At New Day Recovery, we handle all of this for you. You can contact us with your insurance information and we can help perform an insurance verification to find out what services are covered and whether we can provide them under your plan.

You can also review a list of in-network providers from your insurance company (typically provided in booklet form when you sign up for a policy or via online portals) or call your insurance company to find out if New Day Recovery (or any other facility offering rehab services) is on the list.

What Are Options for Paying for Rehab if I Don’t Have Insurance?

Not everyone has insurance, though, and at New Day Recovery, we’re aware that addiction doesn’t pick and choose from the insured. That’s why we’re proud to work with patients and families who want to self-pay when it comes to rehab. We accept self-pay patients and will even work with you or your family to create payment arrangements when possible.

Some common ways individuals fund rehab treatment include:

  • Paying out of savings or accrued funds
  • Seeking secondary financing
  • Working with state or local organizations, which may provide grants and assistance programs to help cover the cost of treatment
  • Selling items of value to help cover costs

If you are worried that you simply don’t have the income or resources to cover the cost of drug or alcohol addiction treatment, you may qualify for Ohio Medicaid. You can talk to your case manager or admissions counselor about this possibility or contact your local Medicaid office for additional information. There are also programs throughout the area that offer low-cost or free addiction treatment services, and our admissions counselors will always provide relevant referrals if New Day Recovery doesn’t fit your needs.

The bottom line when it comes to rehab, however, is that you should never delay seeking treatment simply because you’re worried about the financial aspect. Contact us today if you’re struggling with addiction — we can help.