Supportive FamilyMany people wonder what the role of family is in recovery. Like so many things when it comes to addiction treatment, the answer is: It depends. Discover more about how your family might be involved in recovery, whether you’re seeking addiction treatment at New Day Recovery or another location.

Should Loved Ones be Involved in Recovery Rehab?

One of the factors that can impact someone’s success with long-term recovery is whether or not they have a strong support system. Family often makes up the foundation of that system, but that’s not always the case. It’s a personal decision whether involving family in recovery will be a positive thing, and this may be something you want to talk about with a professional.

Remember that addiction can have harmful effects on more than the person who is struggling with substance abuse. Your relationships and your family may also be hurting as a result of your addiction, which means you might currently be in a place where you and those around you are angry or hurt. 

That doesn’t mean they can’t be positive elements of your recovery. However, in cases where family members may be helping to drive your addiction — such as when your spouse is also struggling with substance abuse or you’re living in an abusing environment — you may need to work with professionals to ensure care is taken in incorporating family into drug addiction treatment if that is a choice you want to make.

Family Therapy During Addiction Treatment

Family therapy during addiction treatment typically offers the chance for loved ones to learn more about the cycle of addiction together and begin a journey of healing. During therapy sessions, you might address issues such as family dynamics that play a role in substance abuse, as well as how addiction has been hurtful to other people in your family. Rebuilding relationships and trust can often begin during family therapy.

However, family therapy is not necessarily a time to address every problem faced by each individual in the group. First, there simply isn’t time for that. Second, this treatment is ultimately about your recovery. A good therapist may use these sessions to help family members come to terms with the fact that they are dealing with issues too and offer to make referrals to outside therapists who can help with those.

The Benefits of Family Therapy

Every person — and every family — is unique, so the goals and benefits of rehab and family therapy are different in each case. But some common benefits include:

  • Getting a head start on holistic healing for the entire family
  • Ensuring the family has the right skills and knowledge to assist you in ongoing recovery
  • Addressing specific root causes or concerns for drug or alcohol use to help reduce the chance these triggers will crop up as you exit rehab and begin to integrate into your new normal

New Day Recovery does offer options for family therapy, and our caring counselors can provide advice on how to integrate this element into your overall treatment plan for addiction. For more information about our Ohio rehab center’s services, including family therapy, contact us today.