treatment for co-occurring disorders at new day recovery in ohioFinding the right addiction treatment program for your specific needs is a big part of success in recovery. One thing you may need to consider is whether an addiction treatment program is prepared to treat co-occurring diagnoses that include both substance abuse and mental health disorders.

At New Day Recovery, we assess every client on an individual basis to help them understand their best next steps for treatment. Call us now at 330-953-3300 to talk to a caring professional for more information about seeking help with addiction.

We Do Treat Some Co-Occurring Cases

The staff at New Day Recovery works together and with clients to treat many symptoms, including co-occurring addictions. We can also work with individuals who are struggling with addiction and face a related mental health concern — for example, if you’re dealing with alcohol addiction and have subsequently developed anxiety issues related to your substance abuse.

However, we do require that clients be stable on medication for any mental health issues to be treated for addiction at our facility. We also request that our clients not have a primary mental health diagnosis.

Our dual diagnosis program is designed specifically for individuals with primary diagnoses of chemical dependency, substance abuse or addiction. While individual and group therapy and other treatment modalities that we employ can help with secondary mental health issues, our program is not equipped to fully address the needs of someone with a primary mental health concern or an uncontrolled mental health diagnosis.

Call Us for Help

If you’re not sure if you meet the requirements for our program when it comes to mental health issues, call us anyway. We can provide a professional evaluation and assessment to help you understand what issues you may be dealing with and what type of treatment program may be the right step for you. We never want anyone to struggle with addiction because they aren’t sure if we’re the right place to turn.

Our caring, compassionate and experienced counselors will listen to your concerns and story and provide some options for a plan of action. If we don’t feel New Day Recovery can provide the most effective treatment for you, we can refer you to other excellent providers and facilities that specialize more in the type of treatment program you may need.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward an addiction-free lifestyle, call us at 330-953-3300 or contact us online today, regardless of what other factors you may be dealing with.