Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention

Welcome to our New Day Recovery relapse prevention blog topic. At New Day Recovery, we offer addiction help on relapse resources. Are you or a loved one a recovering alcoholic or drug abuser and need additional information for relapse prevention? We help you through understanding the tools available for relapse prevention and help answer any of your questions.

Common relapse questions:

  • What can cause a relapse?
  • What resources are available to avoid relapsing?
  • Are there any triggers or stressors that cause a relapse?
  • New Day Recovery is a detoxification and substance abuse treatment facility in Youngstown, Ohio and Rogers, Ohio. Our individualized addiction treatment plans treat the symptoms and root cause of addiction. We take pride in providing individual protocols based on the needs of our patients in order to provide an opportunity for lifelong recovery. The New Day Recovery mission is to provide an effective, caring, and efficient person centered continuum of behavioral health treatment services to all of Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania.

    The Next Step: Residential Treatment


    THE PROGRAM  At New Day Recovery we now provide extended support after the successful completion of our detox program. Residential treatment is designed to help our clients avoid relapse and teach necessary skills to continue a happy and successful, sober life. Residential treatment offers every client a community of individuals going through [...]

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    6 Tips for a Sober Holiday Season


    6 Tips for a Sober Holiday Season The holidays are meant for a time of peace and joy. Anyone who has struggled with addiction knows that Thanksgiving through New Year’s can be a challenging time to stay clean and have a sober holiday season. There many parties and celebrations filled with enticing holiday [...]

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    Exercise and Sobriety


    Exercise and Sobriety Getting sober is hard. Exercise and sobriety can give drug or alcohol recovery an extra boost. When a person turns from their addiction, many times a void needs to be filled. Physical activity is a positive tool to help fill the void of addiction and give a routine or [...]

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