Hands holding a wrapped holiday giftYou may have been struggling with dependency and addiction for a long time, but are putting off treatment until after the holidays. It’s easy to promise yourself that next year you’ll start fresh. The problem is that every day you delay treatment, your addiction gets a firmer grip, destroying a little bit more of who you really are. Stop waiting. reach out and get the help you need to take back your life.

At New Day Recovery, we’d thought of a few reasons why getting sober during the holidays may be the best decision you make. Here are five great reasons to start getting sober before New Year’s.

5 Great Reasons to Focus on Recovery During the Holidays

Why wait to sober up? Here are just a few simple reasons why the holidays are a great time to stop using and start healing.

1. You’ll Save Money During an Expensive Time of Year

One thing to consider is how much money you’ll save if you stop financing your addiction. Sound silly? It’s not unusual for severely addicted users to spend $100 a day or more to feed their habit; that adds up to a whopping $35,000 per year! Alcohol isn’t quite as expensive, but can still cost thousands per year in consumption, not to mention the cost of damage and emergency medical care that often come with it. 

Whether you drink heavily or struggle with illegal drug use, not spending money on those addictions saves money for the things you really need and want, like a nicer car or home, with money left over to buy gifts for loved ones.

2. You Won’t Suffer From Hangovers

Imagine waking up Christmas morning feeling better than you have in ages! No more pounding head, aching body, depression or anxiety weighing you down. Hangovers can keep you from the joy of the holiday season, make you late for parties or other obligations and generally put you in a bad mood. Eliminate drinking and/or drug use and you’ll be more likely to be ready to truly celebrate with your friends and family, instead of hoping no one notices how miserable you feel.

3. You’ll Make Great Memories to Replace the Bad Ones

No more blackouts. It can be terrifying not remembering what you did or what may have been done to you, but many people who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction are affected by significant memory loss. There might be embarrassing photos or video evidence recorded while they were out of control. Important relationships can be destroyed by words or actions that can’t be recalled. This is even more likely to happen during celebrations since alcohol is so readily available, making it easier than ever to lose control. Sober up and you’ll be in control of your actions, so you don’t have to endure the worried, disappointed or angry looks for the things that happened while you were high or drunk.

4. You’ll Feel In Control 

The downward addiction spiral can leave its victims feeling helpless. Taking back control by starting your recovery treatment provides a great boost to your confidence. You also tend to look and feel your best when you’re taking positive action to put an end to the destruction that substance abuse causes. What better gift could there be for you and your family to enjoy this season?

5. You’ll Look Your Best for Family Photos

Yes, it’s what’s on the inside that matters, but looking your best is a nice perk! Substance abuse can greatly affect physical appearance. The good news is that when you choose sobriety, your body starts to heal the damage.  Instead of looking puffy, tired or years older than you actually are, you can be clear-eyed and smiling with pride in all those group photos. Be sure to look back at your old photos to appreciate just how far you’ve come on your recovery journey.

Worried About Handling the Holidays and Recovery? Call Us for Help

If you define sobriety, it is simply the state of being unintoxicated. If you’re tired of putting off your addiction treatment and are fed up with drugs or alcohol taking over your life, come celebrate the holidays with us — rehab may be the best gift ever.

At New Day Recovery, we’re here to help you regardless of the kind of addiction you’re struggling with, and we want you to know you’re not alone. The holidays are approaching, so reach out to us at 330-953-3300 to speak with someone about our services and how we can help you get sober for the holiday season.