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Residential Program

Sober Living

Residential Program

Our residential program gives extra support after successfully completing our detox program. This program is designed to help our clients avoid relapse and learn how to live a sober life beyond addiction. Living for a brief period in a supportive community of individuals going through similar struggles has boundless advantages. Our clients will have necessary boundaries put on them and they will be in a medication management program. During this time the clients will receive counseling in many forms (individual and group) to gain the skills, resolve, and confidence needed to stay sober.


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Residential Life

In our residential program our clients receive:

  • 15 High Intensity clinically managed residential treatment beds for adult males
  • 30 Low Intensity residential treatment beds for adult males
  • Individualized, client-centered treatment planning
  • A minimum of 7 hours of treatment daily (combination of group counseling, individual counseling, case management, family counseling)
  • Treatment modalities utilized include motivational enhancement, twelve-step facilitation, cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, reality based interventions, and trauma informed care
  • Treatment services are aimed at developing a supportive social network, relapse prevention, improving mental health, improving personal wellness, making occupation/educational gains, and improving community living skills
  • Low counselor-client ratio
  • Licensed Clinical Counseling Staff
  • Daily recreation (outdoor and indoor equipment for recreation)
  • 12-Step engagement
  • Off-site activities (picnics, movies, etc.)
  • On-site nursing for medication education and management
  • Primary care engagement
Residential Program
Residential Program at New Day Recovery

After Care

Detoxing from substance abuse is the first step towards successful recovery. Feel confident and know that you are not alone once you have completed the detox treatment.  Our Case Managers will discuss with you the best possible continuing road to a sober life because we care about your entire recovery journey. Therefore, with a network of the finest treatment centers, our staff will provide continuing care options for the next step in your recovery process.

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