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Healthy Great Tasting Food

During your addiction recovery at New Day Recovery, we work to heal your mind, body, and soul. As you go through the detox and addiction recovery process, it is important that your body is being fueled with good nutrition. You will be served daily meals and snacks. New Day Recovery’s Nutrition Department brings over 30 years of experience in Health Care and/or Food Services. Our staff have Serv-Safe certification, so you can be assured everything that you eat will be properly handled and prepared. We have a certified Dietician overseeing our menus.

The staff at New Day Recovery is dedicated to serving you comfort foods that you know, as well as foods that may be new to you. Please let us know of any special dietary needs that you may have during your addiction recovery.


“#RehabFood! The Food here is incredible. It makes you feel at home, and eating together as a big family brings us all together.”

“The food here at New Day Recovery is amazing. Home cooked meals! Each meal was extremely good and satisfying.”

“The food is AMAZING I had all my dietary needs addressed and taken care of and was given many options throughout my stay.”

“The closest to a “at home meal”, you could ask for!”

“I never ate the same thing twice.”

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