man talking to group in residential rehab for drug and alcohol treatment

At New Day Recovery, we offer residential drug and alcohol treatments that lets individuals break away from the cycle of addiction and anything in their lives that might be feeding that cycle. In a safe, caring environment, individuals work with professionals to understand their addiction, identify root causes and develop healthy coping mechanisms that support sobriety.

Residential, or inpatient, treatment is a proven approach for helping individuals overcome substance abuse and learn to live a sober lifestyle that’s free of alcohol or drugs. If you’re considering this next step in your recovery, contact us today at 330-953-3300 to find out what your options are and how we can help.

What Is Residential Addiction Treatment?

Residential addiction treatment involves a full-time stay at a professional rehab facility. That means you stay at the facility 24 hours a day, but it’s not a hospital setting. While settings for residential facilities can vary, they are typically designed to provide a homey feeling so you’re comfortable and can live your best life while you’re there. Family and friends may be encouraged to visit and even take part in therapy with you, but they don’t live at the rehab facility with you.

Why Is Inpatient Rehab Important?

Many people wonder why inpatient rehab is so important and whether they can break through their addiction while living at home if they have professional help. While some people do have success with outpatient programs (those that involve returning to your own home at least at night), studies have shown that inpatient treatment for around 28 days or more is more likely to lead to long-term success with recovery.

One of the big reasons residential drug and alcohol treatment is more successful than other models is that it gives the person time to kick-start their recovery in a safe, supportive environment without many of the daily stressors and triggers in their lives. As individuals go through inpatient recovery, they often come to understand what root causes are at work in their substance abuse, and putting up a solid barrier between themselves and those causes during early recovery lets them concentrate on getting well.

Residential treatment also lets individuals experience a consistent, holistic approach to treatment, which includes therapy, nutrition, possible medication management, recreation and even rest. These things can’t be approached in the same consistent, assertive way in an outpatient setting.

What to Expect from Our Program

At New Day Recovery, we work with every person to ensure a unique, customized treatment plan that addresses their needs and helps them create a solid foundation for recovery. Some things you can expect with residential treatment include:

  • Individual and group therapy to help you understand your cycle of addiction, identify causes, triggers and stressors, work to heal issues related to addiction and develop and practice coping mechanisms that will help you maintain sobriety in the future
  • In-house mental health counseling for individuals who are facing co-occurring diagnoses or dealing with issues of anxiety or depression related to their addiction or recovery
  • Job readiness and assistance with job placement to help you as needed in preparing appropriately to step back into normal life following rehab

For more information about inpatient rehab and to find out how New Day Recovery can help you right now, contact us today at 330-953-3300. Our caring admissions counselors are always ready to take your call.