holistic healthHolistic addiction treatment takes the entire person into account, not just the addiction. By treating the whole person and helping them understand how to care for themselves holistically in the future, professionals can help individuals build a better foundation for long-term recovery.

New Day Recovery offers a holistic treatment approach to drug and alcohol addiction. If you’re struggling with substance abuse and you’re ready to take a step toward recovery, call us today. Our caring counselors listen to your story and provide feedback and referrals to help you understand what steps to take next on the road to long-term sobriety.

What to Expect from Holistic Addiction Treatment

Rehab programs, whether outpatient or residential, that take a holistic approach tend to offer a wide range of treatment options while also including core best practices that have been proven over time. For example, this type of addiction treatment still includes individual therapy, because this is where you typically make breakthroughs in discovering root causes for substance abuse and begin to identify a healthier path for you individually. Group therapy is also usually on tap as it offers the chance to hear from and talk to other people who are on a similar path, learning from them and encouraging each other.

But holistic treatment doesn’t spend all day, every day harping specifically on drug or alcohol use and how to keep away from it. Because you are a person, not an addiction. Addiction is just one of the many, many facets of who you are.

In addition to therapy and treatment specific to the cycle of addiction, you might also expect to engage in:

  • Recreational therapy – helps you discover new interests and talents and uncover more about yourself that you may have been shying away from or shutting down. Recreational therapy does help you develop healthier coping skills for dealing with stressors and triggers related to addiction, but it can also help you break free of ruts, find ways to have sober fun and develop confidence.
  • Nutritional education – helps you learn how to take care of your body and mind. This can help you address medical issues as well as fuel yourself with a healthy diet that can help reduce emotional and mental issues.
  • Exercise and physical activities – get your body moving, help you learn to harness the mood-boosting power of exercise and develop good habits for taking care of your body.
  • Legal or career counseling – help you face and deal with issues that may have come about because of your drug or alcohol use.
  • Family therapy – involves your loved ones early on in the recovery process and set the stage for comprehensive healing in the home.

Start Your Holistic Journey to Recovery Today

At New Day Recovery, we know that every person’s addiction is unique to them. And while we are experienced and licensed to provide proven treatment methods to help you seek sobriety, we also work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that works for you. Call us today at 330-886-4744 to find out more about holistic healing options that can help you break out of the cycle of addiction.