The New Day Recovery Difference

Compassion. If one word were to describe how we look at treatment, it would be with compassion. When looking at the whole person, we recognize that people benefit from offering more than just a safe place to detox. We treat you like family. We want you to come back and visit – we want you to call.

Continuum of Recovery

Recovery doesn’t stop after detox. We understand this, and that is why our treatment services continue after completion of our detox program. New Day Recovery offers long-term residential treatment and access to outpatient counseling and medication assisted treatment through our affiliate companies. Our goal is to walk with you every step of the way through your recovery journey.

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Alumni Program

Our Alumni Program is just beginning, send us a message letting us know you’d like to be involved. We host special events for alumni of our programs, and host at least one large event every year to celebrate your accomplishments in recovery. Stay involved and be a part of our family.

Who we are:

New Day Recovery is proud to have compassionate and experienced staff while guiding our clients on their road to recovery. Rest assured, we deeply care for our client’s health and want them to achieve a successful and lasting recovery from substance abuse.

We utilize a multi-disciplinary team approach in order to best serve our clients’ individual needs. Multi-disciplinary team members include:

  • Medical Director (MD, DO)

  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor/Licensed Professional Counselors

  • Credentialed Drug and Alcohol Counselors

  • Licensed Social Workers

  • Registered Nurses/Licensed Practical Nurses.

Licensed & Accredited Alcohol & Drug Rehab Facilities

New Day is a CARF accredited facility because we care about providing top notch care and substance abuse treatment. Consumers like you have choices in directing your healthcare services. Carefully researching and selecting your options are especially relevant to finding the services you need and achieving the results you desire. As a result, accreditation demonstrates New Day Recovery’s commitment to continuously improve service quality and to focus on the satisfaction of the persons served.

CARF International is an independent, accrediting body of health and human services. CARF-accredited service providers have applied CARF’s comprehensive set of standards for quality to their business and service delivery practices. This means that they have demonstrated conformance to proven standards for business practices and are committed to continuous quality improvement. New Day’s commitment to excellence is periodically evaluated on site and reconfirmed annually.

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Medically Monitored Withdrawal Management

Treatment with New Day Recovery typically starts with medically monitored inpatient withdrawal management services, or detox. Detox is a shorter stabilization period when an individual can safely rid their body of substances. Detox is important in maintaining sobriety as the first step toward living a life drug-free. During this period, individuals are monitored by doctors and nurses in our inpatient facilities to ensure their safety. They also work with counselors and case managers, participating in group and individual counseling. The point of counseling sessions in detox is to address the root cause of addiction and start to develop coping skills necessary for life after treatment. Those in inpatient treatment are

also exposed to a variety of holistic treatment alternatives like music and art therapy, yoga, and more. Our programs change to adapt to the needs of each client, adjusting protocol and treatment planning to the individual and what they require to heal.

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