Getting sober is hard. Physical activity and exercise can give drug or alcohol recovery an extra boost. When a person turns from their addiction, many times a void needs to be filled. Exercise can be used to fill this void and give a routine or focus other than using drugs or alcohol.

Many that have abused drugs or alcohol have poor healthy habits. Thoughts of starting an exercise routine at first may be daunting, but here are benefits of exercise that are very helpful to a person in recovery.

Exercise & Sobriety

Exercise Gives A Natural High

Drug and alcohol abuse impairs the brain’s balance of dopamine and this in return affects a person’s mood and ability to experience fulfillment. Exercise releases dopamine in the brain and regulates brain chemistry.

Exercise Reduces Stress

When a person has struggled with addiction, many areas of life may have become stressful and even though a person turns to sober living these stresses could still be present. As a result of the addiction, family relationships might have experienced hurt and need to be rebuilt. Some experience financial turmoil and need to find employment. Others have legal issues that need to be resolved. These are potential stresses of addiction but exercise can help relieve stress.

Exercise Increases Confidence

People who are struggling with addiction many times have a poor self-image. By exercising regularly, there is a confidence that will be gained with taking control of your exercise program. One will start to feel better and this brings on confidence. Exercise also requires discipline and is a source of encouragement that one can beat this addiction and remain sober.

Exercise Improves Sleep

Many addicts suffer from insomnia or have poor sleeping habits. An exercise plan reboots the body to a more natural routine and this in time will aid in returning the body back to a more normal sleep cycle.

Exercise Can Be A Source Of Positive Relationships

Exercise is a great way to meet new friends by taking a class, joining a gym or participating in a team sport. Forming new relationships that don’t center around using drugs or alcohol is very beneficial in giving an addict a good way to enter back into society with a more positive support group.

Many Different Forms Of Exercise

Luckily for us, there are many different ways to become physically fit. Start small and learn more about how to get started. Here are just a few of the popular exercises used in recovery.

Yoga – Many treatment centers offer yoga as an exercise option. Yoga can be used for all ages.

Walking, Hiking or Running – Walking is a great place to start for most people. Some love the outdoors and taking a walk gives a fresh perspective and may be used to get away if a craving is occurring. Once a person is more fit, running may be a great source of enjoyment.

Weight Training – Weight training increases strength and confidence. Once again, start small and rely on experts to find the best program for you.

At New Day Recovery, we offer nutritional classes and yoga. We focus on the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Our caring and experienced staff provides the emotional, physical, and spiritual healing necessary to identify core issues of addiction. We want to help make possible a productive, sober life for our patients! Please contact us if you or a loved one needs help in breaking the ties of drug or alcohol.

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