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Detox Program

New Day Recovery offers a 7 day drug and alcohol sub-acute detox program in a safe and inviting environment with medical care.  Our clients come to us with drug or alcohol dependency and many times in a state of medical and emotional crisis. We have a medical staff present around the clock 7 days a week. Detoxing off drugs or alcohol can be an uncomfortable process but with our medical staff’s expertise we are committed to making your detox as comfortable as possible. We will administer medication to help alleviate the negative physical effects of withdrawal.

Depending on your drug or alcohol history, you will be in detox 7 days. After completing detox, which is the first step in the recovery process, you will have clarity of mind and focus to continue with the next phase of recovery.


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New Day Recovery utilizes the disease model in treating drug addiction. We believe that addictions are treatable conditions much like any other life threatening illness. Additionally, we view recovery from a 12-step perspective with a belief that as the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) states – “there is hope for continuous and lasting recovery from the hopeless state of body and mind that result from active alcoholism or addiction.” Participation in 12-step programming encourages clients to effectively assess their habits and behaviors and teaches that recovery is a life-long process.

Activities During Detox

At New Day Recovery we also put an emphasis on counseling, activities, relaxation and holistic recovery that focus on mind, body, and soul. Our clients are encouraged to participate in meetings of HA (Heroin Anonymous), NA (Narcotic Anonymous), AA (Alcohol Anonymous), and faith based meetings focusing on forgiveness and spiritual healing. We educate our clients on the benefits of holistic therapies. We also offer career development expertise, financial planning, and nutritional counseling.

For relaxation, we offer daily yoga and meditation, aromatherapy, stretching, art therapy, music intervention, and weekly massages. Social activities include corn hole tournaments, movie nights, BINGO, and nightly conversations around our fire pit. Clients may even leave our facility sporting a new haircut or style!

After Care

Detoxing from substance abuse is the first step towards successful recovery. Feel confident and know that you are not alone once you have completed the detox treatment.  Our Case Managers will discuss with you the best possible continuing road to a sober life. With a network of the finest treatment centers, our staff will provide continuing care options for the next step in your recovery process.

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