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New Year – New Opportunity to Get Clean

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to turn your life around and rid yourself of the addiction that has been controlling you. This year could be the year that changes everything. As others might embark on reaching their resolutions at the gym - if you’re struggling with addiction, [...]

The Drug and Alcohol Recovery Process

Just like every person experiencing addiction is unique in their experiences, type of addiction, and addiction history, the recovery process has its own uniqueness. Here are some common steps taken to work toward recovery: Realization that drugs or alcohol has become a problem. Maybe you have seen that drugs [...]

6 Tips for a Sober Holiday Season

The holidays are meant for a time of peace and joy.  Anyone who has struggled with addiction knows that Thanksgiving through New Year’s can be a challenging time to stay clean and/or sober.  There many parties and celebrations filled with enticing holiday drinks and cheer and the holidays also tend to bring [...]

Don’t Be An Enabler

Many people are in denial about their drug or alcohol addiction and never receive treatment. One reason for this is that family and friends enable their loved one’s addiction. By enabling a loved one’s addiction, the consequences of the addiction are many times removed and so the incentive to change is not [...]

Does My Loved One Have A Substance Abuse Problem?

It is very hard and stressful to watch a loved one’s life being affected by drugs and/or alcohol. You are worried if your loved one has a substance (meaning prescription drugs, illicit drugs, or alcohol) abuse problem or even an addiction. You may have even tried to discuss your concerns with your [...]

5 Reasons To Get Help For Addiction Now

If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, you need to get help NOW. Getting addiction treatment will help you get your life back or even save your life. The sad truth is that many choose to not get help. It is estimated that only 10% of people addicted [...]

Exercise & Sobriety

Getting sober is hard. Physical activity and exercise can give drug or alcohol recovery an extra boost. When a person turns from their addiction, many times a void needs to be filled. Exercise can be used to fill this void and give a routine or focus other than using drugs [...]

How To Live With A Recovering Alcoholic

When a loved one is seeking help for a drinking problem and is on the road to recovery, there is a feeling of instant relief and hope by family members and friends. Not far behind these emotions are doubt and fear. Thoughts are common such as: “What if my [...]

How To Help A Loved One Avoid Relapse

It is a huge relief when a loved one receives professional help for substance abuse. Getting sober is not easy and living a sober life is a life long commitment, but the road to recovery is easier with the help and encouragement of family and friends. During the recovery process it is not uncommon [...]

ADDICTION: Was I Born This Way?

With drug or alcohol addiction, there is no single factor determining if a person will become addicted. It is true that a person may be more likely to become an addict over another because of a genetic predisposition. Even though an “addiction gene” has not been identified, research does show that genes [...]